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10 Reasons You Need to Learn Tantra
10 Reasons You Need to Learn Tantra

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Tantric Sex

10 Reasons You Need to Learn Tantra
10 Reasons You Need to Learn Tantra

Everyday more and more people are discovering the benefits to tantric sex. These are the top ten things you need to know about tantric sex so you and your lovers can have more fun in bed than you ever dreamed possible.

Ten – Tantric Sex is better than yoga. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of yoga, but it sure seems like yoga teachers are obsessed with transcending sex in class. I mean, I’m sitting there, sweating, ass in the air, and the teachers are admonishing me not to look around. I mean, what is the point of doing yoga if you can look at the hot asses that all that hard work is creating. Please look at my ass.

Nine – Tantric Sex is better than going to the gym. 

I like the gym. But it can be so fucking trendy and posey in LA.  I want to work out and gym dudes have their panties in a huff cause I’m not all beefed out and  hormoned up.  I’m just working out and I don’t give a hoot what people think. But they seem to care. A lot.

Eight – Tantric Sex Will Make You Will Feel Younger.

Hot tantric sex is hot. Period. And no matter how old you are, if you are enjoying it, you will be feeling younger. In my opinion, tantra is a kind of natural fountain of youth.

Seven – Tantric Sex Makes You Smarter

Every time you have tantric sex, you have a chance to learn about you and your partner’s bodies. And frankly, being open to learning makes us smarter.

Six – Tantric Sex will teach you to cultivate your orgasmic energy. 

Orgasmic energy is the stuff of life. it motivates us, drives us, and makes us feel happy to be alive.  Learning to cultivate and sustain orgasmic energy is what allows us to surf sex for hours if we so desire. So learning to cultivate your energy, instead of releasing it, makes sex a really powerful experience.

Five – Orgasmic intensity increases tenfold. 

The act of having an orgasm will intensify as you allow all your senses to grow in sensitivity. There’s a sense of being alive that comes from practicing tantra. Allowing that feeling of being alive to flow through your body begins to cultivate a certain hunger for more.

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