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This Is A Call To All Those Who Can’t Talk Dirty—It’s About Time You Level Up Your Game

Words can either hurt or feel damn good.

It is the main vehicle of command, the catalyst of the human senses and the direct conversion of thought. But did you know that it can do much more?

Whenever we utter words or even just produce a single sound, we’re already affecting everything around us. Depending on what you hear, you can either feel positive or utterly negative. It speaks to the emotions.

In its most basic form, words are simply the combination of sound waves which has been finely-tuned throughout history—giving birth to the 6,500 spoken languages we have today. And the ONLY thing that remained the same throughout the course of time is the language of sex.

If you visit anywhere in the world, a moan will always sound like a moan.

Whether you say ‘I want your dick,’ ‘Je veux votre pénis,’ (French) ‘Watashi wa anata no inkei o shitaidesu,’(Japanese) or simply ‘I am groot’ (Groot)—every man is bound to get the idea and become a dog in heat.

Sexual cues are indeed universal and are a proof that we are but one species. Of course, setting aside all the racial slurs and continental boundaries we have set for ourselves. But don’t take my word for any of this just yet!

As much as I would like to claim that I am great in bed (and it’s true), I cannot vouch for my verbal-ability when it comes to describing how I want to feel or what I’m currently feeling.

In short, I’m a no-good Dirty Talker until I learned the basics and developed the style that suits my personality. And it’s all thanks to this video you are about to see.

Here’s something that will surely add spice to your sex life!

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