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the evolution of the human face
The evolution of the human face.

The Evolution of The Human Face – 6 Million Years of Transformation – There is No Missing Link

This may come as a shock to many of you: There is no missing link to the human evolution picture.

Fossil records have been being filled in for over a century now – with incredible discoveries coming in the last two decades. But we have known all along that there is no missing link. Darwin knew that.

The missing link idea is a myth.

Darwin postulated variation in skeletal structure. And the human skull is a clear variation of the evolution of a skull shape. The general skull shape has shifted in variation but it’s essential form – symmetrical eyes, nostrils, single mouth – has been around since mammals began.

In this video you can clearly see the morphing, subtle changes of the skull over time. Changes that have made us to look like who we are today.

The bottom line is that we are animals. We behave like animals – with parts of our brains still living life in the dark ages – before reason.

We are in the middle of evolution – not an end point – so we know there is more change to come. Hopefully there will be some ways for our brains to catch up to the speed of the evolution of technology that is taking over the planet.

It’s going to be an interesting time in the next hundred years. We will be seeing things that we can’t conceive of. Transitions that are unimaginable.

But it will be challenging for our brains to have radical breakthroughs – until we recognize the kind of animal that we truly are. A great ape. A sexual ape. A delusional, symbolic ape with language that makes up stories and believes them.

This is where we come from… and has everything to do with where we are going.



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