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Carol Doda, Outside Of The Condor Club
Carol Doda, Outside Of The Condor Club


Pioneer of Topless Entertainment, Carol Doda, Dies at 78

“I was the first to go topless in 1964 and started a sexual revolution that spun as fast as twirling tassels.”  Carol Doda.

Twirling tassels. Check. The end of an era. True.

Carol Doda died today. She was 78 years old.

Doda, born in Sonoma County, grew up in San Fran back in the day. She got her start at the Condor Club in North Beach in the early 1960s. She performed topless for a decade and eventually began dancing fully nude. She was a body image, performer and pioneer. For her troubles, On April 22, 1965, Doda was arrested with Gino del Prete, owner of the Condor Club. They were cleared when two judges declared innocent verdicts.

According to Wikipedia

Judge Friedman’s memorandum to opposing attorneys reads, “Whether acts … are lewd and dissolute depends not on any individual’s interpretation or personal opinion, but on the consensus of the entire community …” Doda and del Prete were arrested during police raids to stop bare-bosom shows in North Beach

During its heyday in the early 1970s, the street in North Beach vibrated, rocked and rolled with more than two dozen clubs. Carnival-like barkers encouraged passers-by to come inside and watch bare-breasted performs dance their hypnotizing acts.

The era spanned some 20 years.

Additionally, Ms. Doda was one of the first to enhance her breasts with silicone injections. Her augmented breasts, recording in at a voluptuous 44″ bustline were sometimes referred to as the ‘Twin Peaks of San Francisco.’

We at The Sexington Post are thankful for body pioneers who, for personal reasons, feel compelled to express themselves in the face of whatever is happening in the world – including a conservative culture. But in the 1960’s the world was changing rapidly. No one knew where things were going. Ms. Doda decided to make love – not war – and express herself freely.

Ultimately, it was, of course, well received.  Farewell, fair lady.

You can see CBS San Francisco’s News Coverage Here.



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