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Massive Attacks – Paris Locked Down – Over 140 Dead

I’ve been on the phone communicating with various friends in Paris.

Parts of the city were in total chaos earlier today. In what appears to be one of the deadliest attacks in recent history, Parisians are trying to pick up the pieces – with over 140 confirmed dead.

We are deeply saddened by these attacks – a clear attempt to drive humanity backwards into the cave days of fear and terror.

Why? Because some people believe differently from you and me. And they want “us” to be just like “them.”
But we are already just like them. We are people. All of us.

However, we are people who suffer deeply from mythological thinking. In my humble opinion, mythological thinking, the inability to distinguish internal, fictional reality from external, 3D reality, is an undiagnosed mental illness.

And all of us share the same brain – so we all fall prey to its cognitive biases and self delusions.

One key self delusion: That the world would be a “better place” if everybody thought like me and believed like me. This is a type of self delusion that affects even the smartest of people who often argue for crazy beliefs that they truly believe are real.

But they are not real.

Beliefs are just a bunch of neurons firing in our heads.

Nothing real. Nothing we can touch.

And yet people argue and fight vehemently, all over the world for these delusional fires inside our brains. A firestorm of insanity that leads people to “believe” it’s a good idea to kill other people in the name of ideology, beliefs, philosophies.

At some point, we are going to have to deal with reality. The reality that fanatical religious belief is not something to be accepted, but rather something to be treated.

Our belief in crazy, delusional, invisible things – in the name of religion – creates a global environment that’s prime for crazy people to take their delusion perspectives all the way.

And this activity continues. Unabated.

In our country, we have fanaticism too. It’s just that it’s our fanaticism – and we are familiar with it. So we give ourselves “a pass.”

But in reality, it’s the same stuff.

And the only way it has a chance of stopping is if we update our mental operating systems out of the dark ages of biblical thinking and into the light of reality, research and the expansion of freedom.

There’s no world where restricting people, or killing them, or putting them in prison is going to kill off the human drive to create, express, be free – and thrive.

And no amount of violence will crush that human drive. That drive is what has allowed us to thrive over the last 2000 years – far longer than the simpleton texts that so many devote their lives to.

We have to upgrade. Our thinking. Our freedom. Our critical thinking. Our sexuality.

Change is coming, slowly. And freedom will reign. It’s the human way. And beyond all the colors, forms and beliefs, we are humans after all.

Our deepest sympathies to everybody affected by these senseless attacks.



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