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How Your Heart Communicates With You: Scientific Proof You Won’t Believe


So much of life has to do with filtering information and making choices.

Choices are powerful and sometimes destined to affect our future reality. One small decision, over time has the ability to change everything.

Most of the time this means that we are left to try to figure things out in our minds. But our minds, honestly, are crazy.

Really crazy. So the only way I have been able to mitigate the craziness of the mind is to begin to listen to the heart.

It’s not that the heart has some crazy master insight. I’m sorry, but that thinking falls into self delusion. The value of listening to the heart is that the heart seems to have more emotional intelligence than does a theory making, story creating, delusional mind. A monkey mind.

But a monkey minds fears and anxieties are endless.

Not so much when listening to the heart. The “feeling” of the heart is powerful. Deep. Relational.

And we humans are wired to want to connect with other humans. And science is beginning to understand how this intercommunication of the heart and brain is occurring.

“we are now beginning to see the emergence of a new, more complete understanding of how the brain functions—and how the body, brain, and heart interact in a dynamic and complex relationship.”

I discovered this communication when I first learned to meditate. Its a method of communication I still use to connect with other people. So often, heart is missing from our listening and communication. And when heart is missing, so is our compassion. It’s easy to just think our way in and out of relationships. Including our relationship with ourselves.

Each time we listen to our brain and heart, we develop a kind of synergistic communication that powerfully rewires our bodies.

Recent work in the relatively new field of neurocardiology has firmly established that the heart is a sensory organ and an information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system that’s sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a heart brain. Its circuitry enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the cranial brain. To everyone’s surprise, the findings have demonstrated that the heart’s intrinsic nervous system is a complex, self-organized system; its neuroplasticity, or ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections over both the short and long term, has been well demonstrated.


In order to have full, integrated wisdom, a full body wisdom, we need to listen with our being. And the more we listen, the more we will be able to communicate with ourselves and others.

I recommend reading Focusing to really get a thorough understanding of deep listening in a way that allows us to connect with our entire psyche. Focusing was one of the life changing books that taught me how to get the most out of any life experience.

One of my favorite techniques for listening from the heart is placing a hand over your heart and a hand over your belly. So when you ask a question or are trying to arrive at a decision, there’s a connected wisdom you can feel all over your body.

Wholeness is the general idea. Wholeness that includes all the cylinders that you are firing on. Heart, brain and sexual energy. But that’s another blog for another time.






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