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27 Clitoris Fact Every Women And Men Should Know…#1 Is OUT OF THIS WORLD!


The human body works in mysterious ways.

It can heal itself, to transform, and to evolve beyond what we can measure.

However, even if it’s about our bodies we’re talking about, we can’t say much other than the usual signs—most especially in the language of love—where adages can dangle here and there without rhyme or reason.

And one that has fascinated men and women alike ever since the first caveman tied the knot (or possibly kidnapped) his female counterpart is the clitoris. A bulging protruded part of the vulva near its entry point that is said to be the ‘key’ for something basing from its Greek definition.

So what exactly is the clitoris? How does it function? Is it a necessary evolution feature?

Well, I suggest you keep your eyes wide open because your ‘cliteracy’ is about to go from zero to 100. Here are 27 clitoris facts your mama didn’t tell you.


#27 The Clitoris Is Immortal


Unlike the other parts of the female body which age, the clitoris maintains its health and doesn’t show any signs of giving up orgasms. You go, granny!



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